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West Australian grown, our huge 1.4kg bags of WA Na-Na’s are now available to members at the brand new @costco_aus Perth Warehouse, located at Perth Airport, 142 Dunreath Drive. Nature’s healthiest energy boosting snack @wananasbananas are conveniently smaller in size and sweeter and creamier in taste. Support local and remember to @buywesteatbest ...

For the health and safety of all our staff, please do not enter our trading floor or warehouses unless by prior appointment. ⁠

We thank you for your understanding.

Our huge 1.4kg bags of WA Na-Na’s are now available to members at the brand new @costco_aus Warehouse, located at Perth Airport, 142 Dunreath Drive. Our WA grown bananas are the perfect choice for kids lunchboxes for their smaller size and sweeter creamier taste or if you need a quick energy boosting snack throughout the day. Follow us on @wananasbananas and remember to @buywesteatbest ...

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Quality Produce International

Quality Produce International (QPI) is Western Australia’s premier fresh fruit and vegetable wholesaler.

QPI was established in 1977 and now services over 300 domestic and international customers from premium independent grocers through to the largest supermarket chains.

QPI prides itself on supplying the finest fresh fruit and vegetables through perfect supply solutions and unparalleled customer service.

QPI provides a wide range of locally-produced fruit and vegetables including bananas, mangoes, citrus, strawberries and gourmet vegetables to customers throughout Australia.

In order to provide top-quality produce to its customers throughout the year, QPI began importing fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world soon after the company was established.

A leading importer and exporter of premium produce, QPI specialises in the export of Western Australian strawberries, and the distribution of Californian Medjool dates globally.

Today, QPI’s expertise in fresh food import delivers farm fresh citrus, cherries and grapes from California, Asparagus from Mexico, Peru, USA & NZ, Medjool Dates from California and Mexico, Peas from Africa and India, and Capsicums and Blueberries from New Zealand.

QPI’s dedicated team of product specialists provide expert and personalised service to guarantee customer satisfaction.


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