Divine Strawberries - Quality Produce International

Meet our Growers:

Phong Ta started farming Strawberries in 1998 with his family with Strawberry varieties from the University of California, in East Rd, Wanneroo. After 8 years, as the urban sprawl began to take over the Wanneroo market gardens, they moved out to Carabooda, where they continue today.

New varieties are harvested today, like Fronteras, another University of California variety which is known as a firmer, larger fruit with excellent colour and flavour and also Red Rhapsody, a Queensland Dept. of Agriculture variety, known for its extra large, glossy dark red fruit.

Carefully managing the water source of the Gnangara Groundwater System, Perth’s largest source of good quality water, Phong Ta and his team continue to harvest the some of the best Strawberries in WA